Desk/Secondary Research

Desk/Secondary Research

Secondary market research is the research conducted from data already available in the public domain. One can start secondary research by simply analysing published data on the topics and then take the decisions.

Due to invent of Google a lot of data is now available publicly. Any startup or new business idea can be explored. The most significant advantages of secondary market research is the efficiency, we can save a lot of time and cost. NexGen secondary market research always make a record of all the source links used to collect and analyse the data.

NexGen Secondary Market Research

NexGen has a separate division of secondary and desk market research. We take a good mix of intuition and experience, to design a secondary market research study. We suggest our clients if the required data is already available or it can be gathered through the secondary/desk sources, then secondary market research is the easiest solution.

We also use secondary market research as a starting point to primary market research. It helps design the primary market research study better; and also list out information areas that the primary market research should cover.

NexGen using the following sources to collect the data in secondary market research projects:


We use search engines like Google and Bing.

Census/Government data

Free/paid reports published and available for the general public, like census data, government data, etc.

Sector/Industry wise reports

For example, CMIE reports, Bloomberg data, IBEF reports, etc.

Other Resources

Depending on the study objectives NexGen uses a number of sources to fetch the data. For example, books, encyclopaedias, news articles, reviews, white papers, case studies etc

Annual reports/Balance sheets/Financial data

At NexGen we access the company reports, data from Ministry of Commerce, Sales and Marketing data, Human Resource data, Production data, etc.

Export/Import data

We have paid access to various export/import data for almost all the categories.

Authenticity of our Secondary/Desk research

To check the authenticity of the source we check is the source industry-recognized, we check if it is quoted regularly in popular media.

We try to ensure the data is robust and we can its frequency, it should not be missed.

We also emphasis on the coverage, we try to cover all the geographic markets or customer segments.

We always validate the secondary data by desk research and authenticate same data from various sources.